Laundry and drycleaning delivered right to your home! office!

How does it work

  • Request a pick-up online or by phone at 773-VALET-43
  • Leave your laundry out by front door before 8am on your scheduled pick-up date
  • Clean laundry will be delivered back to you

Why choose us?

Family owned and operated

Our family is involved in the everyday operation to ensure that we provide the most quality work with excellent customer service.

Plant on premises

We do not outsource your garments to any wholesalers. We process all work on our premises, which ensures quality and reliability.

Expert in logistics

We are one of the very first to offer on-demand pickup and delivery service in Chicagoland. Let's say; we had lots of practice to get the logistics right!


You pay what our walk-in customers pay, and delivery is free for an order of $25 or more.

Happy clients

Frequently asked questions

What should I expect after signing up?

You'll now be able to request a pick-up. You'll also receive our VIP laundry bag with your returning order.

How do I request a pick-up?

Online or by phone at 773-VALET-43

Do you offer weekly pick-up & delivery?

Yes. Leave your laundry out on any of your delivery days (pick-up requested is not needed). The monthly bill must be $50 or more. Please contact us at 773-VALET-43 if you would like to set up your account as weekly.

Is there any fee for the delivery service?

The price for cleaning is what we charge at our store, and pick-up and delivery is free for an order of $25 or more (otherwise, $5 charge will apply).

When are my delivery days?

Either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday, depending on your service location. If you are unsure of your delivery days, call us at 773-825-3843 for assistance.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time varies by service location. The typical turnaround time is three days.

Why don't you offer the same or next day delivery service?

Our goal is to provide the best quality work and to make it as affordable as possible. Same or next delivery service will prevent us from achieving that goal.

How do I pay?

We safely keep customers' credit card information on file and automatically charge it when the order is delivered—keeping our service safe and contactless.

Can I cancel my pick-up request?

Yes, you can cancel using Valetcleaning App or by phone at 773-825-3843 (773-VALET-43)

What quality assurance does offer?

We want each customer to be delighted with every order placed and received. If you're not completely satisfied with a garment finish, online account optimization, order request, or delivery, please let us know immediately. We will work for your satisfaction. is delivery division of Swan Cleaners & Services, Inc.